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One of my favorite classes in high school was Creative Writing.  It exposed me to different types of writing, and, even though I had written off and on since I was a kid, it was the first time I had put together pieces that I thought were worth reading.

Sadly, high school was a long time ago, and most of those pieces are long gone.  There is something that has survived to this day though, a poem called “A Life Without.”

I believe the assignment was to write a poem based on an emotion.  It was pretty well received (I got an “A” on it, anyway), and after the class ended I posted it on the website Poetry.com.  Several years ago they changed their site around, and I thought it was lost forever in some database.  I had attempted to recreate it a few times, but could not remember all of the lines.

Thankfully, a couple years ago the site made it easier to find archived works, allowing me to finally be reunited with my long last writing.  I had posted it on an older blog, but since this is now my ‘writing’ site, I decided to post it here as well.

Happy reading!


A Life Without, by Stephen Gray


Darkness surrounds you, an endless void as your world collapses.

You see her, lying there motionless, and wonder what comes next.

The smell of building sweat, mixes with the salty tears.

It causes discomfort, but you do not notice.

You try to walk, but with nowhere to go.

Nothing for you now.

A distant thunder roars, like the low boom of a cathedral bell.

An endless rain pours.

Falling like tears upon your broken soul.

Life flashes before your eyes, a life with her.

One that you will never be able to live again.


Nowhere to go.

Nothing for you now.